Make it Pink


Within the past six months my hair has seen a good number of changes and I hope to talk about all of those changes in a blog post very soon! For the moment though, I wanted to share this information to say that my hair will not be consistent in my blog posts for quite some time. If you are curious as to what the heck is on my head at the moment I highly recommend checking out my Instagram feed and watching my stories (plug, plug, plug, plug). 

Today though, we're going to talk about my hot pink hair change! A few months ago I made the impulsive decision to dye my whole head hot pink. Surprisingly enough, I fell in love with the intense color. However, I found that changing my physical appearance that drastically had some major psychological changes in store for me too. On a personal level, I felt my entire process of getting dressed tweaked by my new neon hair. I had a new accessory to play with, and play with it I did! I suddenly found myself gravitating toward loud and daring outfits far more frequently. Having hot pink hair meant that I was already outside of my typical style comfort zone and instead of trying to counteract that with basic outfits like jeans and tees I decided to embrace it. The photos in this blog post showcase one of those outfits!

I gotta admit I got plenty of funny looks while taking photos in this outfit. Understandably so, as my best friend, David, pointed out, I looked like a wannabe anime character. I remember finding this hot pink suit on the clearance rack at Target and immediately thinking that I had to pair it with the fuchsia already on top of my head. Honestly, there was something liberating about being a walking hot *pink* mess. It's an experience I highly recommend.

This post would not be complete without showing my appreciation for the one and only David Icasiano! David has not only become one of my favorite photographers, but one of my favorite humans. I feel so ridiculously fortunate to hang out with this guy and take gorgeous photos in the process. I've also learned that shooting with one of my best friends can produce some silly faces and poses, which I am also a fan of! If you're ever in need of high quality photos or high quality coffee recommendations, check him out! 

- Disingenuously Dressed 

Cassandra Garcia