VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask


If you know me personally then you probably know that my biggest bad is my terrible sleep schedule. You also know that I am the type of person to use beauty and skincare products to compensate for this bad habit rather than, hmm I don't know get more sleep? Because of that I have tried so many products that claim to minimize or lift the bags under your eyes, but nothing has ever worked as well as the VII Code Oxygen Eye Masks


The first time I used these little jelly masks, I was actually sleeping over at my best friend's. At first she made fun of me for having to put the little white masks on and leave them overnight. But when I woke up in the morning with under eye bags that were less puffy than hers, she was asking where she could buy her own! In truth, the eight-hour overnight treatment sounds a bit odd at first, but that's what makes these masks so awesome- they are unlike many other sheet masks! 

I received one full box of the Oxygen Eye Mask, which contains six sets of eye masks, or enough for six applications. VII Code actually suggests eighteen nights or applications of the eye masks for full treatment. That's three boxes! So inside a single box are six bags that each contain two eye masks, or one night's usage. After tearing open one of the bags, I saw two white somewhat teardrop-shaped masks. Once I removed the clear plastic backing from the mini masks, I could feel the cool jelly the mask is made of. The mask actually has a transparent gel that goes to work on your under eyes while you're sleeping! The gel has a bunch of beneficial and natural ingredients like fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants, and essential vitamins. It's kinda like one of those healthy juices that does a world of good for your body. Except you're not left with a bitter after taste to get the benefits of these natural ingredients! Like I mentioned earlier, the masks are super cooling and refreshing when you put them on under your eyes. I honestly loved falling asleep with them on. The gel isn't too thick on your skin, actually even with all the good it does for your eyes it feels pretty lightweight. I will say though that when I wore these masks at home, my cats were a little perplexed! 

Overall, I had an excellent experience with the VII Code Oxygen Eye Masks! I definitely saw an improvement in my under eye bags. These masks were also super easy to use, making them a realistic addition to my skincare routine! I can't speak on the intended full treatment of the masks, since I only used six applications, but I really enjoyed what those six applications did for me. 

I would like to thank VII Code for working with me on this blog post and being awesome enough to send me these eye masks! While I received these masks complimentary, my opinions are entirely my own. If you're in the market to shrink your eye bags, message me and we can talk this miracle product! If you're interested in purchasing these masks you can do so right here

Thank you to David for the photos in this post!

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Cassandra Garcia