Black & White, And Cats All Over

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Now this is not the first time I have shared an outfit in my favorite color. That's right my favorite color is the combination of black and white. As I stated in my last post I know neither black or white are technically colors and if they were, a combination can't possibly be my favorite. Yet, here we are! 

I love mixing different black and white pieces into one outfit. The only thing I love more is when I can add cats into my outfit! The dress I'm wearing here is a super fun black and white newspaper print where each article and headline is cat related. It's from ModCloth, because of course it is! I challenge you to show me a store with cuter and quirkier clothing. I adore ModCloth and have purchased a few too many cat items from there over the years (including this purse!!). Anyway, this outfit really lifted my spirits and I wanted to share it! Styling this dress in a new and unique way was somewhat of a challenge and I did a lovely job- if I do say so myself. I truly believe mixing black and white items with different prints or patterns gives off a "I know what I'm doing when it comes to style" vibe. And isn't that what we're going for here on Disingenuously Dressed? 

These photos are from my shoot with Sydney Manuel a few weeks ago! I was so glad to shoot this cat related outfit with a fellow cat lover. Of course because Sydney has cats of her own, she's pretty cool in my book. But honestly, Sydney's skills with a camera should make her cool in anyone's book. Go check her out on her Instagram here

Thanks for reading today's post! I really a(purr)ciate it. 

-Disingenuously Dressed

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Cassandra Garcia