The Love of My Life


This week's blog post is kind of a cop out. A few weeks ago in my creative writing class I wrote a poem that uses shopping as a sort of metaphor. I am pleased with the final result of this poem and thought I'd share it with you! Clearly I already had it written, so it's an easy share for me this Monday. Honestly, I have never been an immensely poetic person. Which is actually why I appreciate my creative writing class so much, it has pushed me to create things I wouldn't on my own. Hope you enjoy one of those creations!


The Love of My Life


I found the love of my life today.


Charcoal silk and lavender lace with an empire waist.

Whispering to me from across the store,

Hanging in sultry mystery.

Awestruck, I answer the call.


I find myself in front of the mirror then,

My body enveloped in little black dress perfection.

Twirling, I grin from ear to ear.


This dress has to be mine.

But then it hits me,

or scratches me rather.

Reality found on a 2" by 4" piece of paper,

Attached at the seam.

Reality found,

Right behind the dollar sign.


My thoughts race like a sprinter,

Going fast, but not far.

Nothing has ever hugged me so tight.

Nothing has ever made me smile so wide.

Never again will I find

Threads that suit me so well.


Thus, my bargaining begins.

Wheels turning with each calculation.

A missed meal here, one less shower there.

Reason escapes me,

As I'm swallowed by the tunnel vision

This kind of flattery causes.

Willing to sell my soul

For this beauty.


But wait… I force my mind to calm,

Call the dash to halt.

Maybe this isn't the greatest piece I will ever find.

Could this be my own naivety?

After all, in seventh grade I thought

A pair of crimson skinny jeans was the love of my life.

How can I be sure

That this little black dress is worth risking all?

In five years will it still fit the same?

In ten years will it even be in style?


Perhaps I should take another lap,

Exhaust all my options.

I could find a leather jacket on sale,

Or a skirt that flatters my figure.

I should know better than

To commit to the first item I see.

Anyway, if it was the love of my life

It wouldn't cost so damn much.


Because clearly I can never miss an opportunity to show pictures of myself, I wanted to include some photos from a shoot I recently did. This was my first time shooting with Sydney and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to! I have been fangirling over Sydney's feed for months and I'm in love with the photos she took during our shoot. I also found out Sydney is a bit of a cat lady, so clearly we got along well. You should definitely go check out her work on her Instagram!

If you made it this far, thank you for humoring my newfound poetic side. I hope your week is just jammed packed with shopping, love, and of course metaphors- duh. 

- Disingenuously Dressed

Cassandra Garcia