Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween! May your October 31st be as creative, creepy, tasty, and spoopy as your heart desires. Halloween is my personal favorite holiday. I’ve always had an appreciation for the dark and eery, but ever since I adopted my first black cat six years ago, I have felt compelled to go all out for Halloween.

Typically, I think holiday specific clothing is pretty stupid, but I decided to make an exception this year for Halloween. I went a little crazy buying Halloween shirts, so of course that only meant I had to do a photoshoot in a couple of them! I got both of these tops from Target, one of which is from the boys’ section. Fun fact: I fit into an XXL of boys’ clothing and Target’s Art Class brand has the cutest stuff.

Huge thank you to Keldon for taking these photos of me at the NC State Fair a few weeks ago! I feel so fortunate to have a best friend who will stand in the middle of crowds with me to get the perfect photo.

- Disingenuously Dressed

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Cassandra Garcia