The Block Vintage


Being active on Instagram I see a lot of incredible people doing their own thing. In the Raleigh area, particularly, there's a bunch of talented people sharing their passions, whatever they may be. One of those talented people is none other than Mary of The Block Vintage

Mary contacted me a few weeks ago asking to collaborate, if you've seen Mary's Etsy shop you'd know the only appropriate answer was yes. The Block Vintage is an online store that features some of the cutest vintage finds curated by Mary herself. Mary started her search for all things vintage over fifteen years ago, and thankfully now she shares her eye for style with the rest of us! Scrolling through The Block Vintage's items it's hard not to "add to cart." If you're ever looking for the perfect vintage piece, but can't seem to find anything that doesn't scream "I don't know how to properly handle any thrift store," I highly recommend you check out The Block Vintage. Somehow this lovely lady finds all the diamonds in the rough and I'm grateful. Picking clothes to shoot in was quite challenging, considering the abundance of cute, but I think I landed on some special pieces that I'm excited to share. I hope you love them as much as I do!

I was actually lucky enough to work with not one, but two talented photographers to take photos in these clothes! I've linked each photographer's Instagram below their respective photos. I highly recommend you check out their pages. Both of these guys have some pretty great portraits and if you're ever in the area, shoot with them!

Thank you to the multiple talented people who worked with me to make this post possible, it was an honor. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! See you back here next Friday. 

- Disingenuously Dressed


Dress from The Block Vintage and photos by @clichecon on Instagram. 


Fringe jacket and pink turtleneck from The Block Vintage, photos taken by @jkf.png on Instagram. 


Minnie Mouse tee and polka dot pants from The Block Vintage, photos taken by @clichecon


Matching polka dot top and pants from The Block Vintage, photos taken by @jkf.png

Cassandra Garcia