Dressed Differently

I have always enjoyed being able to wear outfits that give off different vibes. For that reason I try not to limit my personal style to one specific style or look. Why? Well one of my favorite things about clothing and styling is that you can essentially give yourself a whole new persona by simply putting a few different items on. This idea is so much fun to me. Why limit yourself? You can look anyway you want whenever you want! I've said it before, but I hate when I hear people say "I just could never pull that off." Yes you could! There's nothing saying you can't wear jeans and a geeky tee one day and a Victoria Beckham dress the next *wink wink*. As long as you enjoy the possible different personas, wear them, play with them, have fun!

I also like to think (and this sounds so incredibly cliched) it's like that one CoCo Chanel quote, "in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." I enjoy having different looks for the fun of it, but I also enjoy it because I like to think it makes me special. Kinda of like hey look at me I can dress like a chic and professional young lady one day, a vintage loving girly-girl the next, and a trendy tumblr crazed twenty-something the next! 

Recently I have gotten the feeling that I have been sharing too many similar outfits on here and that just isn't fun! So today I wanted to share a flirty floral outfit featuring one of my new favorite dresses from the Victoria Beckham for Target collection. Big thank you to the lovely Chris Gardner for the photos today. Fun fact: this shoot was rained out. But hey I still think this guy got some awesome photos. As always I have to recommend that you go check out Chris's Instagram, you will not regret it!

- Disingenuously Dressed

Cassandra Garcia