Con of Thrones

This past weekend was the first ever Con of Thrones! I had so much fun at this convention and I'm still recovering so here are just a few photos I got while having the time of my life. I most definitely needed a weekend full of nerdy fun and I can't wait for another some time soon! I met so many lovely people at this con. I also bought a number of lovely clothing items that I can't wait to share! The shirt I'm wearing on the Iron Throne is actually from an awesome nerdy boutique, The Colorful Geek. I can't wait to share more photos in this awesome shirt that reads "All men must die but we are not men."

I apologize for the quick post and for oversharing my Con of Thrones experience, but... Wait no I'm actually not that sorry. Hope everyone has a lovely week!

- Disingenuously Dressed


Cassandra Garcia