Snowy Owl Cove

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today's post is a new one for me. I was recently contacted by a local NC skincare brand, Snowy Owl Cove, to review some of their products. I was so beyond honored and a little nervous because a lot of this blogging and collaborating stuff is still pretty new to me. Thankfully Patricia over at Snowy Owl Cove made my job beyond easy. How? Well I'm so glad you asked! These products are actually pretty awesome, making them easy to talk about.

Snowy Owl Cove actually has this skin quiz on their site that you can take before ordering any items. I took the quiz and turns out I have combination oily/dry skin. The products I was sent fit my skin type and honestly have been working really well for me. Before we get on to that though, here is exactly what I got! With my skin quiz results I received the Nothing's Urgent face soap, the Nothing's Urgent body soap bar, the aftershave soothe cream, the Still Waters toner, the Nothing's Urgent face cream, and the Nothing's Urgent body cream.

Let's start off with the face. I'm no longer really in the teenage break out stage, but my face doesn't always love me either. It's really tough for me to find a routine that doesn't dry out my skin or cause excessive oil. For the past week and a half I've been using the Nothing's Urgent face soap, Still Waters toner, and Nothing's Urgent face cream and let me tell you my skin is doing really well. The face soap alone cleans my face better than any cleanser I've used before. Some days I wear A LOT of makeup and in the past it's been a struggle finding something that gets it all off. It's reassuring to know that when I use this soap my face is squeaky clean! If by chance I see a blemish appearing I've found that by using the toner as a spot treatment over night, it's nearly gone by the next morning. After using the toner I apply a pump of the face cream and feel perfectly moisturized, but not oily. I'm so content because these products keep my skin better behaved than it's ever been! 

In the past I've always used the Bath and Body works shower gel as a body wash, now I don't think I'll ever go back. I love the Nothing's Urgent body soap so much. It doesn't give my skin that dry feeling after leaving the shower like my old products. And did I mention this stuff smells great? I feel like I'm in a spa each time I use any of these products, which is never a bad thing!

Overall I'm beyond pleased with all of my Snowy Owl Cove products and I would highly recommend them. I know typically my blog likes to point out the disingenuous, but let me just reassure this review couldn't be farther from it. I mean, these products work well, smell great, and are made locally, what's not to love? 

- Disingenuously Dressed  

Cassandra Garcia