Girls Support Girls


Hello and happy Friday! So today's post is a tough one for me. Thinking about this shirt and what it means to me there are so many different ways I could go. Here are a few I've been considering and grappling with for the past few weeks. So first off I think to myself just heck yeah girls support girls! While saying that though, it should be mentioned that girls are not brought up believing they should support other girls. It is ingrained in women that they must look perfect and beyond that they must look better than the girl beside her. Separately, but also partially due to this, the female mentality is typically catty and competitive. Due to this mentality I was not expecting much kindness once I entered the realm of fashion bloggers. And finally, I have been considering the idea that the message of this shirt is not exclusive, but all encompassing. 

Today I'd like to talk about my pre-conceived notion of fashion blogging and the pleasant reality I've found instead. When I first started fashion blogging I expected to interact with a bunch of catty girls focused on being the best by tearing other ladies down. That is not at all what I found. 

Every female I've come into contact with has been so incredibly kind and supportive and I could not be more appreciative. I am actually lucky enough to be a member of the Palm Bff's influencer group on Instagram and Facebook. Palm is an awesome group of millennial women supporting other millennial women. Palm was really the first place that I saw women being overtly friendly to each other on the internet. Every single girl, be her a photographer, blogger, or model, that posts on the Palm Facebook page has nothing but love and well wishes for her fellow influencers. I was in awe the first time I scrolled through the comments section. I saw countless girls supporting girls. No mention of competition, just love and acceptance. 

Since becoming a Palm influencer I have tried my best to take that kindness women have for each other and bring it into the rest of my life. The unfortunate reality is that it is all too easy to see another woman and think what is she wearing or why did she do that to her hair. However, this mentality gets me no where. I don't care how many followers you have, what you decided to wear today, or if you have neon hair. Girls support girls means no matter the circumstance we must stick together and we must be kind to each other. 

This sounds so ridiculously cliched, but it feels so much better sending comments of admiration and appreciation than saying nothing and brewing in your own judgement. I know my blog has been built around the idea that fashion blogging is not genuine, but I promise you that all of the (yes, sometimes excessive) love I give to other ladies on social media is entirely genuine. There are so many ridiculously talented, stunning, witty, stylish, creative, and inspiring women on Instagram and honestly I think of it as an honor to get to recognize them. 

Before I leave you I'd like to give recognition to the lovely lady who took these photos for me. Molly is an incredibly talented photographer who actually recently moved to North Carolina from Washington, sound familiar? I love all of the work Molly does with other women and I could not be more pleased with the photos she took of me. I highly recommend you check out her website and Instagram

I also want to mention that this shirt not only has a good message, but does some good in the world too. This top is from Hello Holiday and Daisy Natives and 100% of the profit goes to helping out Planned Parenthood of the Heartland. There's only a few shirts left, but still I recommend checking Hello Holiday out. They have some stylish designs and some more awesome feminist wear. 

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Now go out and support a girl near you. 

- Disingenuously Dressed 

Cassandra Garcia