Right on Target

If you follow my Instagram or have watched any of my lookbooks then you know I own a lot of the Who What Wear Collection. This clothing line was created by the genius duo behind the Who What Wear blog and is sold at one of my favorite places, Target. My best friend once said "my love for Target is as great as the trendiest soccer mom" and now I couldn't agree more. 

This collection is always right on trend which I love, but of course I love the price point even more. I actually am currently working at a department store that is pretty pricey and this has exposed me to just how much some people are willing to spend on clothes. I was raised on sale racks so working in a place where people will drop $89 on a top still shocks me a little. ESPECIALLY considering how easy it is now to get great clothes on a budget. To me the best example of this is the Who What Wear collection at Target. Coworkers and even customers at work will often tell me they love my outfits, but are shocked when I tell them it's from Target. 

In all honesty this post is a little bit of me just sharing my love for Target (sorry), but I'm also saying all this to show that maybe you should just give a new place a chance when shopping around. Especially if that new place is as reasonably priced as my dear old friend, Target. I mean come on I like clothes and I like cheap. Clearly, I shop a lot and I like to think I know what I'm doing- and so with that I say go to Target and look at the Who What Wear clothes. You'll thank me later. 

These photos show my Who What Wear slip dress that I got at Target for $8 (yes I'm showing off) and my embroidered bomber jacket is from Target as well! My best friend Miss Jenny Chompholphakdy took these photos for me a few weeks ago while we were having some of the best pizza in Raleigh. Go check her out, she's known to take great photos and eat at the coolest places, it's a good time.

- Disingenuously Dressed  

Cassandra Garcia