You're Fantasmic

I love Disney. I was born more than halfway through the Disney Renaissance, but thankfully my older sister was not. Thanks to her and her obsession with all things Disney I grew up watching the movies on repeat. Growing up on the west coast my family also frequently visited Disneyland and now living in North Carolina I try to visit Disney World every chance I get. 

For as long as I can remember my sister's favorite show at any Disney Park has been Fantasmic. My first memory of this show is being awe-struck at Kaa the snake slithering along Tom Sawyer's Island. My recent visits have actually made me appreciate the show for other reasons though. As I try to create more through my blog and push myself outside of my comfort zone I really appreciate Mickey's message of the power of imagination. Yes I realize this is a show for children, but come on Mickey fights the villains out of his dream by just being happy and having faith in his own magic and imagination. Is it really that crazy to translate this into a lesson to believe in your own power and to be strong? Or to push out the demons with love and imagination? 

Okay so yeah you might think I'm crazy for reading so much into a show at a Disney Park, and that's fine. But, if nothing else you cannot deny how pretty the whole show is. I mean, Maleficent as a dragon?! Pocahontas standing at the top of the mountain?! Belle and Beast dancing on a boat?! Count. Me. In. 

And now to relate yet another of my nerdy episodes to my love for clothing, here's an awesome shirt. Clearly, this represents some special moments and lessons for me. From memories of crying after Mickey shoots fireworks from his hands with my best friend (we promised we wouldn't tell anyone because how lame does that sound), to reminding myself that I am good enough and to just believe in my own magic.

However, this shirt isn't just awesome because of that, the design is actually a collaboration with the brand 2319 Threads and one of my favorite humans ever, Francis Dominic. Francis not only works at Disneyland and has the CUTEST Disney themed Instagram, but he also preaches self-love above all else. Now that's definitely something I can get behind. 

Thank you to my very best friend and momager, Jenny, for taking these photos! Also Jenny is actually now the mother of a fur baby so you should definitely go check out her Instagram stories if you're into that sort of thing. I definitely am. 

See ya real soon!

- Disingenuously Dressed

Cassandra Garcia