I Promise You

Fashion fears, we all have them. It's the concept that you won't wear a certain article of clothing because it makes you feel insecure. I have discussed this concept before, but I still find it to be a major issue for many, myself included, so I wanted to talk about it today. 

I've been working in retail for two years now and if there's anything I run into on a regular basis it's women avoiding their fashion fears. I can't tell you how frequently women tell me they're trying to cover something up or they won't wear something because it exposes a part of themselves that makes them uncomfortable. And I'm not talking anything scandalous, I'm talking arms, legs, and most commonly stomachs. In many women's defense they have been forced to believe that they should be sticks and if they're not they should cover up. At first this mentality just infuriated me, now it just makes me sad. These women are beautiful and I wish they could see that. There is no reason to cover up or to hide. I promise you that you are beautiful just the way you are. 

This outfit I'm wearing here actually deals with some of my own fashion fears, sleeveless tops that show skin and tight skirts that show my hips and stomach. I'm not a stick, which is totally okay!!, but that means that I didn't really grow up believing I could wear something that shows off my body. I have owned this skirt for months and considered wearing it for a number of shoots, and yet each time I reconsider because I think my hips and my stomach make it unacceptable.

I am definitely still working on being unapologetic for my body and what I wear, but I know I've made immense progress just within the past year. However, even if I do ever get to the point where I don't even consider the size of my hips when getting dressed, I firmly believe this topic should be discussed. Working in retail definitely shows me that for every confident individual there's ten who feel insecure, and that just really sucks. 

In short, wear what you want and show what you want because you're beautiful. 

Before you go though you might have been thinking to yourself wow these are some really cool photos, AND YOU WOULD BE RIGHT. I actually had the privilege of shooting with the wonderful Chris Gardner. He has some amazing work, I implore you to look at his Instagram. I mean, how did I get so lucky to be surrounded by such talented people?

Thanks for reading I hope you have a lovely week. 

- Disingenuously Dressed

Cassandra Garcia