Have A Dinosaur Day

So I recently discovered Zara. Now hold your horses, of course I had heard of Zara before! What I mean to say is that I went into a physical Zara for the first time a few weeks ago and goodness gracious it was a wonderful experience. If you didn't know Zara is a really awesome mid-price range store that just constantly has the trendiest stuff. 

Recently I've been working on buying and wearing more outfits that are a little more fun than my norm. A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was trying to work on having more fun styling everyday. Well now I've moved that mentality into what I purchase as well. It's a given that I shop a lot, but recently I've tried to change how I shop. Sometimes I will stray away from a piece that's kinda odd because I think I won't wear it in my routine of class, work, and cats. I realized that this mentality doesn't really lend itself to having pieces that I'm capable of having fun with, and that's just real mundane and overall sucky. 

In truth, the more I work on this blog the more I recognize that for me to feel really excited over an outfit, I have to push myself out of my comfort zone. What that means exactly can change and I hope to write multiple posts about it in the near future. But today I bring up this desire to be more creative to say that Zara is a wonderful place to do just that. Sure they have some basic pieces that you could find at any H&M and Forever 21, but they also have some really outlandish stuff that is guaranteed to get you weird looks. You might be thinking, but are those weird looks a negative or a positive? Well honestly, I'm leaning towards a positive. 

This awesome dinosaur shirt definitely isn't super outlandish, but it is adorable and it's one of my first ever Zara purchases! These photos were taken by my lovely friend Keldon. You can also see this look and the outfit details in my lookbook *wink wink*. 

- Disingenuously Dressed 

Cassandra Garcia