Why Disingenuously Dressed?

So about a week ago my dad asked me why my blog is named Disingenuously Dressed. And then it hit me, I kind of chose a weird name for a blog. It makes perfect sense to me, which is great because I've known from day one that for blogging to work out for me it has to be a selfish endeavor. Meaning, I try to do and say what I want when I want. But since my father asked, I have decided to share my reasoning with anyone else who cares to read this blog. 

Originally I created this blog thinking that fashion blogging as a whole is completely disingenuous. At first, I wanted to kind of poke fun at traditional fashion bloggers. You know, the stick figures who pose elegantly in the middle of streets in shoes that cost a few thousand dollars. The girls that tell you where you can get the hottest trends and how to style a dress from the office to a night out. To me this girl has been done a thousand times and it lacks any ounce of genuine connection. 

Since starting this blog some of those original ideas and intentions have changed. I've decided not to focus on what I think is wrong with traditional bloggers, but rather to focus on what I want this blog to be. Also, in some ways I have accepted aspects of the traditional bloggers, but that's a post for another day.

Today I just want to explain what the name of my blog means to me right now.

I want it to be perfectly clear that fashion blogging is not a genuine pursuit. Or purse-suit rather. (I'll see myself out, thanks.) But in all seriousness I promise you that I do not always look the way I do in my photos. I purposefully get ready for shoots, I think it would be hard to find a fashion blogger who doesn't. 

So yes like many I am guilty of getting all dolled up for a photo, but I want you to KNOW that I am. I want you to know that while I have loved fashion for nearly all my life and styling brings me joy- I don't do it everyday. I want you to know that I have phenomenal photographers take my photos and I don't get it right the first time they lift the camera. I want you to know that I spend a solid amount of time posing in the mirror figuring out how my body looks good in each outfit.

And that my friends is where the "Disingenuous" arises. 

The more I consider the name I chose for this blog, the more I love it. I think this name really touches on my personal struggle in creating and sharing my own fashion blog. For me this whole process is full of contradictions between the genuine and the disingenuous. I love what I write and know that's enough, but I also want recognition. I love wearing all the weird stuff, but I also don't love to get the weird looks. I put makeup on because I like the way it looks and just messing around, but in doing so I create a somewhat less genuine portrayal of myself. I love to style, play dress up, and share my daily outfits, ya know just excluding the days where I'm running late and I put on the same jeans and Game of Thrones t-shirt two days in a row.     -And honestly that's not even all of my contradictions. Just reading this now I can think of contradictions and hang ups I have within these contradictions, but lucky for you I won't bore you with that right now.

I realize today's post is a doozy and I really appreciate if you've made it this far. The one aspect of my blogging that I can guarantee you is always genuine is any written post. Which is a shame because as my little brother reminded me, no one reads them. Whether I spend fifteen minutes or an hour on what I've written, I always mean it wholeheartedly.

With this post I have decided to include a photo from what is one of my most genuine shoots with Keldon. I'm wearing a simple t-shirt that communicates something I definitely believe in, I'm not wearing any makeup, and this was on a random night just simply hanging out. 

I'm no where near done explaining what this blog name means to me, but for now I hope you have a little better understanding what I think every time I type,

- Disingenuously Dressed

Cassandra Garcia