Well Hey, This Is New

I have a website!! Can you tell I'm pretty jazzed to have a new space to share all of my outfits and musings? I've been taking it easy on the blog for the past couple of weeks in order to focus on school, work, and family... Just kidding we all know I just spent extra time petting my cats. Well, no matter how questionably my time was spent, I am ready to get back into posting on this blog! I'm so excited to say that within the coming weeks I plan to really focus on this blog, I'm going back to posts twice a week as spring ends and summer starts. And summer is definitely my least favorite season to dress for so this should be a fun experience for everyone involved. 

As always I want to say thank you to anyone who reads this blog. Having a space to share my love of personal style and all that it encompasses really brightens my day. And having awesome people to help me with posts and acknowledge my musings is just icing on the happiness cake.

- Disingenuously Dressed

Cassandra Garcia