Yas, Honey

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend North Carolina State University’s Art 2 Wear show. The collections were stunningly complex, and honestly it was amazing seeing others’ creativity shine. Knowing that those designers spent hours working hard on items that meant so much to them really deepened my appreciation for each piece that walked the runway. However, I did not initially go to see all of the fashion design collections. I went to see this young lady’s hard work on display. This is my friend Ghenwa, who I have recently had the pleasure to get to know. Ghenwa is such a unique girl. Sassy, caring, hardworking, hilarious, lyrically gifted, and wise beyond her years. Ghenwa is in the industrial design program at NCSU and created this peacock masterpiece for her paper project. Even though I haven’t known Ghenwa very long I couldn’t help but swell with pride when watching her bring her paper peacock feathers to life on stage. I sat next to her mother and sister during the show and I can assure you they were just as proud. This experience of watching my friend walk her work down the stage not only solidified my belief that Ghenwa is freakin’ amazing, but reminded me that supporting others’ creativity is a gift. This definitely sounds cheesy, but I get such a warm feeling when watching others share such important pieces of themselves. Ghenwa’s work was no exception. I only hope that I can continue to support her as she continues to kick butt. And maybe if I’m lucky I can support some other amazing people too.

- Disingenuously Dressed

Cassandra Garcia