What Motivates You?

A few weeks ago while visiting my momager/ best friend in Charlotte I did my first shoot with a photographer I didn’t know previously. I was incredibly nervous. Not only was I nervous to take photos with someone new, but I was worried about what others might think. I was so concerned that people I know might assume that I think I’m so great and I want to be Instagram famous or something. I really considered not doing the shoot because of this. I continued to stress over what my motivations were for doing a random shoot. 

Obviously I decided to go through with the shoot, but why? Well I want to continue to post on my blog and yes it might be good to practice modeling to improve outfit photos. I want to create content I’m proud of and I personally believe that’s a combination of cool outfits, poses, and musings by me. However, far more important than my desire to create great content is my desire to allow my motivations to be entirely my own. I started to think to myself why should I be worried if others think I’m full of myself? I know my motives and that’s all that really matters. I mean, do I think I’m so great? Heck yeah I do. Do I want to be Instagram famous? Heck no I do not. But, do I want to continue to share things that make me happy just because? Heck yeah I do. 

Immediately after this shoot I was on cloud nine. I felt a rush of adrenaline by trying something new and a swelling pride for pushing myself. Also shoving out my imaginary critics felt pretty inspiring too. I started thinking heck yeah I am pretty great so watch me have photos taken of myself. I’m cool inside and out and if you think I’m arrogant, then so be it. But I’ll continue doing what I’m doing because this right here makes me happy. Once I started thinking this, the rest was history. I know I’ve already touched on this concept before, but still I learned so much about myself inside and out just from doing this one shoot. Thinking about it still brings a smile to my face.  

Of course my experience with this shoot wouldn’t have been so awesome without an awesome photographer. Thank you, Wes! I’m glad we had the chance to practice this process together. I highly recommend you check this guy out and if you’re ever in Charlotte I implore you to look him up!

- Disingenuously Dressed. 

Cassandra Garcia