This Outfit Made Me Feel Cool

Good evening! I have recently been thinking a lot about my emotional relationship with clothing and plan on exploring that in posts to come. Whenever I think about what exactly I want this blog to look like it’s such a hodge-podge of discussions, photos, random outfit inspiration, and more. I will never forget that I created this blog to be a genuine creative outlet, but the way I think about myself and my style is very different from a year ago. So naturally what I want this blog to look like is a little different too. I am young after all so it’s a given that I change my opinions and myself frequently. With that idea of change in mind I am actually planning on posting on here once a week- whether it be an introspective post on the process of getting dressed, a fun picture of a random outfit that makes me feel good, or really just whatever! 

Today’s post is simply an outfit I created a few weeks ago that I really fell in love with! It involves some of my favorite fall 2016 trends that make me feel like quite the hip teen, obviously. Netflix and chill on an accessory? Say no more! Honestly sometimes it’s just fun to wear some new trends. It’s the classic standing out while really fitting in, which is definitely acceptable for the record. All that aside,  this outfit made me feel really cool and confident so why not share that?  

- Disingenuously Dressed 

I was so incredibly fortunate to work with one of my good friends @keldonray  on the photos for this look. This guy is a phenomenally innovative photographer who takes pictures I could only dream of. As always thank you so much, Keldon!

Cassandra Garcia