Stop Apologizing For Your Emotions

Four years ago my fascination for playing dress up took quite a turn. Everyday I would dress in something cute and different in the hope that I could trick the world, myself included, that I wasn’t empty on the inside. Because of this for the longest time my relationship with personal style was so distorted. 

Now four years, eighty-nine Instagram posts, eleven cats, five schools, three dogs, two jobs, and a move later I am a firm believer that the only person you should be dressing for is yourself, genuinely. And recently I’ve been doing just that. I’ve been feeling depressed lately and trying to focus on dressing how I feel while addressing how I feel (ba doom cha). Don’t get me wrong some days I do just want to put on a dress and force myself to feel a little cheerful- but never again will I dress a certain way in order to be dishonest to others, but more importantly to myself. I cannot just ignore my feelings and pretend like the negative emotions aren’t there. I have to allow myself to feel everything each and every day. The way I was dressing before was detrimental because it was allowing me to do the thing I have now spent years trying to eradicate, suppress. 

So now I have a mantra I like to say to myself on tough days and on delightful days. I am fond of it partly to work on self compassion and partly because I love a good rhyme- Never suppress, always express. Mmm cheesy and pretentious, just how I like it!

Hope everyone has a lovely week of expressions. 

 - Disingenuously Dressed 

Going along with this week’s method, today I was feeling especially genuine with this picturesque community college bathroom shoot. Also this signature unflattering mom jeans and cat sweatshirt combo represent my go-to off day expression.

Cassandra Garcia