Simple Sass

I’m trying to have more fun styling everyday. While this outfit looks really simple, I really love it. I drew inspiration, mildly, from We Wore What with a black turtleneck and a button down tucked into some high waisted jeans. It’s a bunch of really simple pieces put together in a way that’s a little unexpected. 

The unique simplicity of this outfit made me feel sassy. And actually one of my favorite feelings in the world is the confidence, even sass, a new outfit can bring. In fact, in my attempt to have more fun playing dress up that feeling is my biggest propellant. When I’m wearing an outfit where I think I look great, I feel great. So for probably the hundredth time- I really love playing dress up and I’m going to try to do it more frequently and not care what others think. AND I recommend you give it a shot too, because who doesn’t want to feel great?

- Disingenuously Dressed 

Thank you for the photos and always being up for anything Keldon

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Cassandra Garcia