Oh Look Another Young Girl With A "Blog"

It’s too late to start a fashion or beauty blog, there’s so many, everyone has one. It’s stupid and unoriginal at this point.- I say to myself each time I avoid doing what makes me happy because I’m scared of what others will think. 

So with that kind mentality in mind, this is what my thought process has looked like the past few months- Yes, everyone and their mother has some kind of blog now. Yes, creative and original content is hard to come by. Yes, I hate fitting the stereotype for my age and gender. Yes, most of what I have to say has been said before. 

And with quite a bit of effort this is what I have decided to think to myself now- Yes, playing dress up makes me happy. Yes, being vulnerable and sharing my thoughts and feelings makes me happy. Yes, the knowledge that I’ve grown to feel comfortable in myself makes me happy. Yes, this blog makes me happy. Yes, I will post and not care what others think because… it makes me happy. 

- Disingenuously Dressed 

Having a caring, intelligent, and ridiculously talented friend certainly helps when I’m struggling to focus on what’s important. Thank you @keldonray for always being willing to have a photoshoot and a cat fur induced stuffy nose. 

Cassandra Garcia