Fall Resolutions

I recently read a Man Repeller article written by Amelia Diamond that really resonated with me. The premise of this article was the novel idea that putting outfits together should be an authentic process. That while street style has its beautiful benefits, the idea of getting dressed so others can take your picture isn’t really what fashion should be about. You should put on an outfit because it makes you feel kickass, not because you want someone else to think you’re kickass.  

With that notion in mind Amelia continues to create resolutions for herself this fall to dress with her own authenticity in mind. The idea is to make small changes to impact your personal style significantly. I was definitely inspired by this article and by many of Amelia’s resolutions, so today I wanted to create my own fall resolutions! So here they are, my official fall resolutions of 2015!

Try a new color.

Wear ALL of the hats.

Wear heels to improve an outfit regardless of my fear of looking like I “tried too hard”.

Dare to wear an all black outfit.

Don’t be afraid to mix prints.

Don’t be afraid of a little denim on denim action.

Rock a unique thrift store find.

Commit to any look, any day.

Wear a bold lip, just because.

Don’t be afraid to go high waisted.

Wear a trend because I like it, not because it’s a trend.

Get a little quirky.

Get at least one fall Starbucks cup to ensure full fall immersion.

And last but certainly not least…

Have fun with my outfits everyday and do it for me.

This week I decided to try a new color! I like to think this sweater is somewhere between a neon and puke green. Perfect. That being said, creating an outfit around a color that’s a little unique for me is a fun way to switch things up a bit! I highly recommend. 

I hope my own list of resolutions inspires someone else out there! 

- Disingenuously Dressed


I have to give credit to my dear friend for being so awesome and taking these lovely photos! Thank you, @keldonray!

Cassandra Garcia