New York City Street Style: Who Cares?

Good evening! Last week I visited my sister in New York City. This city is always so inspiring to me. But it’s not the architecture, immense diversity, or fast paced mentality, it’s the well dressed men and women that strut the streets that always amaze me. I know, typical. But street style is truly captivating here. ANYTHING goes when it comes to what you can wear walking through Manhattan, and that is a marvelous thing. That one trend you saw on the runway that you thought no one would dare wear in real life? Well it just waltzed by and may I say it looked lovely. Being one of the fashion capitals of the world there’s a collective, who gives a shit when it comes to “acceptable” street wear and consequently personal style shines. Mixing the stereotypical New Yorker confidence and aloofness together creates the perfect performer/ audience scenario. New Yorkers have enough confidence to wear what they want while not judging others for doing the same. This mentality, to me, is admirable, hence the inspiration I received from this trip. Since returning from the city I have resolved to work on my own personal style confidence, and my snap judgement on what others wear. In all honesty both sound equally difficult so wish me luck! 

Oh and if you ever get the chance to visit New York City- go! In this city everyday really is a fashion show and the streets make quite the runway. 

- Disingenuously Dressed

Also here’s an illustration of my excitement at seeing Cats on Broadway and watching people walk around dressed to the nines. 

Cassandra Garcia