Marie! The Baguettes! Hurry Up!

Beauty and the Beast is out! I repeat Beauty and the Beast is out! My best friend Jenny joined me on this adventure of Disney movie magic. Of course I couldn’t contain my excitement so I did a Disney bound inspired by Belle when we went to see the movie Thursday night. The talented Jenny was kind enough to take photos of me channeling my inner misunderstood bookworm, or basically the person I’ve been trying so desperately to become for the past four years. I gotta say though the movie was amazing and shockingly enough I only cried once… Okay twice. And on the opposite end of the spectrum Jenny only fell asleep twice. To be fair though we were in a dark comfortable theater past both of our bedtimes.  

Beyond my excitement that Disney finally included multiple biracial couples AND a gay character in one of their films, I greatly appreciated the Belle that Emma Watson portrayed. In all honesty Mulan has always been my favorite Disney princess, but now Belle is a close second. Belle is a lovely character because she really is such an intelligent, strong, kind, confident, and courageous woman. And I think being a young girl fantasizing over Disney magic or not we could all learn a thing or two from Belle. I was very pleasantly surprised by the modern modifications Disney made to one of its classics. These changes were best summed up by the princess herself Miss Emma Watson. I highly recommend these interviews to anyone who still isn’t sure Disney has changed from the “someday my prince will come” mentality.

For my village Belle Disney bound I wore this blue dress with a white collar from Zara and a necklace that reads “literature is my boyfriend” from ModCloth, which is perfect for this young lady who wants so much more than this provincial life.

- Disingenuously Dressed

Cassandra Garcia