I'm Going On An Adventure

I have recently discovered that I want adventure. However, what that means exactly changes all the time. I’m sure there’s plenty of people who would disagree with me on what I sometimes call my adventures, but that’s all right. I like to look at this blog as my greatest ongoing adventure. Actions like creating outfits, taking pictures, and typing new posts twice a week all push me on this adventure of finding joy in self-expression. 

Of course I originally fell in love with the idea of adventure when reading The Hobbit and feeling a bond with Bilbo. I too had just journeyed east and found a bearded man to take council from (my therapist is a cool guy). And also like Bilbo I often thought fondly of my familiar home back west. 

If there are two things I love combining it’s fangirling and fashion. So when I saw this jacket on Forever21.com I fell in love. The back is embroidered with roses, which as a self-proclaimed fashion blogger I feel compelled to tell you is real trendy right now. This embroidery also says “And so the adventure begins.” I love reading way too into things and assigning my own nerdy meanings so you can only imagine the speed with which I added to my cart. 

A few weeks ago my English professor asked me what adventure my jacket was referring to and my answer was my life. He smirked at me and I had to refrain from explaining myself and my epic fantasy inspiration. There are times when I do like to think I’m Bilbo though, because I know the road goes ever on and on. Even if I may be apprehensive at times I love a good adventure. 

- Disingenuously Dressed

Thanks to my momager, best friend, and adventure buddy Jenny for these photos.

Cassandra Garcia