I Told You So

That is what my therapist said to me last week. I told him how shocked I was at the wonderful responses I got from my friends and family regarding my post on body image. And this man I have been seeing once a week for the past three years simply said I told you so. 

I have always thought that sharing thoughts and feelings on the internet is so cliche. And if you know me, you know even when I fall into them I hate cliches. I like to think I am a quirky and cynical individual, dammit! But then I shared a post discussing my struggle with accepting myself and all of a sudden my cynical ways were called into question. As difficult as it may be there is power in vulnerability. Especially when that vulnerability leads to connection. 

I would like to thank everyone who sent support and love after my blog post two weeks ago. It really meant the world to me to know that other people could relate to what I was saying and appreciate my thoughts on myself and body positivity. Knowing I’m not alone is immensely encouraging and warms my heart. I know I’m cringing too.  

So today here are some pictures of an outfit that typically generates a lot of anxiety for me. A tight dress AND over the knee boots? Both of these pieces draw attention to me, which is typically a frightening concept. But with my growing self-love and the newfound love from others this combination doesn’t seem so frightening. 

- Disingenuously Dressed

Thank you Keldon for today’s photos!

Cassandra Garcia