Hello and Happy Friday


To keep in the spirit of my fall resolutions I decided to try something entirely new for me today, wearing a baseball cap. Now I did say in my last post that I would wear ALL of the hats, so here it is! 

 I’ve always been one to wear a cute beanie, bowler, or sun hat, but never before have I felt comfortable branching out into baseball caps. That darn low self esteem always told me I looked stupid wearing a baseball cap- especially backwards -but no more! This adorable hat has birds all over which surely adds a little quirk to any outfit, and I believe it can be found at Target! I’m so happy I tried something new, I’m definitely making progress on my fall resolution list and I’m loving it.

 More fall resolutions, inspiration, and confidence building coming soon! 

 - Disingenuously Dressed

Cassandra Garcia