Florals For Spring? Groundbreaking.

Unfortunately I have to admit it, spring is here. I was considering outfits that felt appropriate for this time of year and landed on this metallic floral skirt I got from Missguided years ago. I ended up buying some flowers to match my skirt and add to the whole blogger aesthetic.

Actually, this outfit felt one part romantic, one part fashion blogger, and ten parts spring princess. I love being able to be versatile. I can change the way I feel and come across to others just with clothing. I feel as though I can build myself up for the day just with what garments I choose. Now this sounds extremely juvenile, but I like to thing of it as if some days I want to be a Disney princess and some days I want to be a Disney villain. My personal style is my favorite way to make that daily choice. Obviously on this day I chose to be a princess. I will say that this feminine floral outfit made me want to go to Disney and be a princess- stat. Also don’t tell anyone I said this but it’s outfits like this one that almost make me enjoy warmer weather. 

- Disingenuously Dressed 

This shoot was so much fun. As per usual I have Keldon to thank for that. It’s not every photographer that would help me pick up thrown flowers over and over again. 

Cassandra Garcia