Fall Style With Confidence

I love this outfit because it screams I’m going to watch leaves fall while sipping on my pumpkin spice latte. Mock necks and flared jeans are definitely fall staples for 2016. This super cute belt I stole from my older sister ages ago and these gorgeous blue velvet booties are the perfect compliments. And yes that’s right ANOTHER pair of booties. 

Last year I created a list of fall resolutions for my personal style. One of the items on that list was to wear heels without the fear of looking like I tried too hard. People my age are incredibly quick to judge based on what you wear and what you look like- in case this wasn’t common knowledge to you already. So wearing heels to my community college classes really stumps some people. In all honesty I wear heels and get dressed up for casual affairs because I just love playing dress up. Creating outfits is my favorite way to spend my free time. And much like my resolution inspired by New York City street style this one helps me work on dressing how I want, whenever I want, where I want, and I guess why I want too. 

So yes I wear these heeled booties to go to class and I’m starting not to care if I look like I tried too hard. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Disingenuously Dressed 

These photos are from another shoot with the lovely @keldonray. As always thank you for sharing your immense talent with me. 

Cassandra Garcia