Does This Outfit Make Me Fit In? Art Museum Edition

I’ve decided it’s a little disingenuous to only ever post pictures taken by a photographer. So here are some lovely photos I asked my mother to take when I dragged her to the North Carolina Museum of Art last week. I have to say this museum is amazing. I’ve typically only seen it visited by edgy high schoolers who go to take pictures for the perfect Instagram feed, but still I highly recommend. 

Lately I have been wearing all black outfits and I’m really enjoying it. It’s fun trying to make an outfit interesting with only one color. I did however add statement pieces with color this time around. My best friend made fun of me when I bought these green reptile booties, but hey I’m a sucker for weird asos shoes. And this bird backpack is from makemechic. 

Also I want to try to post on here twice a week so look out for that! In all honesty though I’m only including that fact in this post so I might actually follow through with it.

Hope everyone had a lovely week! 

- Disingenuously Dressed 

Cassandra Garcia