Cool Girls Don't Use Sleeves

Since mentioning it on this blog I have been pushing myself to have more fun with my daily styling. I have always loved dressing up in different looks and I really think working on it within the past few weeks has boosted my mood significantly. 

When I put this outfit together it felt very stereotypical fashion blogger to me and I actually kind of love it. One staple of all the best fashion bloggers is to look like you forgot how to properly dress yourself. Sleeves? You mean people actually use those? As if. For some reason draping a jacket over your shoulders makes you look like you know what you’re talking about when it comes to fashion. And while I’m giving this trend a hard time, I absolutely love it. This day I chose to drape this darling bomber from boohoo over my shoulders. This made me feel like a real cool girl, if you couldn’t tell already. 

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

- Disingenuously Dressed

Big thank you to Keldon for these photos. It’s always a good time sitting on questionable ledges and hoping shop owners don’t get mad at us for taking pictures. 

Cassandra Garcia