Welcome to my Blog!

Well hello there, my name is Cassie! First I want to say thank you so much for clicking on my blog! Unless you’re related to me, in which case you are obligated to visit this blog. Hi, Mom!

Now where to begin? I have wanted to do a fashion blog for the longest time, but something always stopped me. That something is the feeling I get when I look at other fashion bloggers online. That nagging feeling of inadequacy and jealousy. And I think you know exactly what I’m talking about, that feeling you get when you see the stereotypical unrealistic representation of a fashion blogger. Those super skinny, perfectly posed, always happy, adorably quirky, photogenic, dynamic girls who are just well, unattainable. I mean come on we all know she probably spent hours on her hair and makeup (I know I did!) and that nobody really stands in the middle of a street dressed to the nines and staring off into space that majestically.

In all honesty the thought I have most often when looking at fashion bloggers is, she’s gorgeous, but I could never look that good. And that just isn’t right. To me fashion blogging should be more fun, more genuine. People sharing what they love and what they’re good at with like-minded individuals. 

And now with all that ranting out of the way I promise throughout this entire blog I will try my hardest to be as genuine as possible. And that means the sharing of whatever silly poses happen naturally, pure excitement towards a great sale, outfit of the day mirror selfies, genuine (sometimes too genuine) commentary, admittance that I spent a good ten minutes on my eyeliner -and it’s still not symmetrical!- and probably way too much about my cat. 

I’m just here to share my love of fashion and playing dress up. And with that I hope you enjoy! 

- Disingenuously Dressed 

Cassandra Garcia