For You Guys


I don't know about you, but I watch a lot of beauty gurus on Youtube and follow countless fashion bloggers on Instagram. Funny enough, there's actually one thing that they all say, "for you guys." This statement has really become a staple of online content creators. It's the infamous, I wanted to make this for you guys. Or even, what should I post about? It's for you guys. 

Perhaps I have a different relationship with the act of creating and maintaining my blog, because this notion honestly makes me uneasy. I cannot relate to the concept of creating for another. No offense to anyone who reads this blog, I greatly appreciate you, but there's not a chance in hell I'd let you dictate my work. I think it's similar to the way I think someone can ask for their significant other's opinion on their outfit, because they care about each other. However, that doesn't mean you should change into a business casual outfit when you're clearly more of a normcore person. 

The concept that we are no longer creating content for ourselves is incredibly dangerous to me. This idea that what you produce isn't for your own enjoyment only adds to the preexisting pressure to be disingenuous online. Seeking the approval of followers is a never-ending pursuit that is all too easy to get swallowed up in. I think the waters get muddied when we start to believe that we are not necessarily in full control of whatever we produce. Clearly, this concept of creating for another's consumption does not appeal to me. I think if you feel that mindset creeping in, it would be valuable to take a step back and truly consider what it is you want. I have had to do this a lot recently. I understand the desire for popularity and others' approval. But recognizing the extent to which you care and how it presents itself is beneficial. 

Like I said the concept of creating for others doesn't fully resonate with me, but it does actually still come to mind. When I started this blog I believed that the opinions of others wouldn't so much as cross my mind. I thought the content I would put up on this blog would be a no-brainer. Whatever I'd feel like sharing on that given day, I'd share it. While I do still believe my content is largely driven by my own desires, I can't help but think of how it might be received. This new age of content creation has definitely forced me to stumble a few times. If I don't keep myself aware of the pressure to conform online, I give in to it. That is actually why my posts have been so sporadic the past few months. If I don't hold myself accountable to create honest content that I love, I won't create anything.

At the moment, I am trying to hold myself accountable for what I create. I vow to stand behind whatever I decide to call content. Whether that is speaking on personal style or just sharing a new find. As silly as it might sound, I want to be my own favorite content creator. 

For today's post I wanted to share an outfit that I surely stand behind! My best friend got me this "Mother of Cats" t-shirt for Christmas. If you know me, you know there's few things I love more than geekery and my four-legged children. My nerdy t-shirts aren't always well received, but they do always brighten my day. Sounds like great content to me, am I right? Also in all honesty, I'm pumped to share these photos because they were taken by a lovely human. I'v had the pleasure of shooting with David a few times before and each time I am reminded how much I love his work. Whether you need someone to take a few photos or go grab coffee with, he's your guy. And how could I forget to mention- my hair is orange now! I had the honor of spending six hours with Kaitlyn of Gilded Hair Studio a week ago to magically transform my hair. Seriously, Kaitlyn has to be some kind of hair wizard. I hope to do a post sharing all my hair love soon because I could not be happier with this new color. If you're in the triangle area and in need of a hair pick me up, I highly recommend going to her. 

Until next time. I sincerely hope you too can consider creating for yourself

- Disingenuously Dressed

Cassandra Garcia