Recently I've been feeling all sorts of discouraged regarding my blog. Since my blog's inception, I knew that the most important aspect, to me, is written content. I feel confident, proud even, that I value what I have to say. I feel prouder still that I have gotten to a point in my life where I feel comfortable sharing what I have to say. I never wanted this blog to be a place where I gloat about how awesome I look, hard to do, am I right? (don't worry, I'll see myself out) Or even for this blog to be a place to simply tell you where you can find the perfect mules, because while I sure do appreciate content like that, personally it doesn't make my heart happy to produce it.

While I value my thoughts and feelings above all else when it comes to this blog, I haven't been giving myself opportunity for expression. Instead, I have been allowing myself to do what is easy rather than what I find to be valuable. I have been focusing on shoots and posts on Instagram rather than what I have to say about that or anything else. 

I named this blog with the belief that fashion blogging is largely disingenuous, and yet I would try to break that mold. If you'll allow, dear reader, I would love to work towards that mentality once more. Will I take weeks off? Yeah probably, I'm a young lady learning to juggle life. Will I lose sight of what is important once more? I'm nearly positive. However, will I write a post that is dishonest? No. Will I post something just to gain favor for a week? No. More importantly still, will I try to improve upon, genuinely care about, and appreciate this platform I have created? Oh, heck yeah.  

This process of blogging continues to be a learning experience for me. I know I've expressed this before, but I so deeply appreciate anyone who is along for this ride. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

So while it may be a few weeks early to share my Halloween feed, today I wanted to include some photos that really do make my heart happy. I feel so stupidly lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people, one of which is pictured here! A few weeks ago I had the honor of going to Disney World with three of my best friends. Thankfully two of my best friends are outstanding photographers so now I have proof of my good times in the place where dreams come true! While like every other photo these are posed and tweaked, I think they're an accurate representation of the fun I had with the people I love. Shout out to Lauren for allowing me to feature her here once again, Keldon for being my "personal photographer", and Nick for being such a joy both behind and in front of the camera. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you have quite the valuable day! 

- Disingenuously Dressed


This picture and the one above were taken by the incredible @keldonray on Instagram. 


Photo taken by the one and only @slicknick_nasty on Instagram and featuring Miss @lauren_stoneberg

Cassandra Garcia